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Plasma Fibroblast Training Course

Plasma Fibroblast treatment is the next big thing to offer your clients. The newest treatment on the market that can also be known as “Plasma pen and Plasma lift skin tightening”. It offers your clients the option of getting rid of loose skin, folds and wrinkles using fibroblast skin tightening without the need of invasive and painful surgery.

How Does the Fibroblast Treatment Work?

You use a hand-held plasma pen, which emits a tiny plasma plume onto the skin, which leave a small brown mark. Various grid points are formed over the treatment area. The pinpoint precision of the plasma pen allows you to target a variety of different areas. After the treatment the skin goes through a natural healing process, tightening the skin and stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen. This leaves the client with younger smoother looking skin as the healing process tightens the skin around the treated area.

Areas That Can Be Treated Are:

  • Hooded eyelids and under eyes
  • ​Wrinkles around the eyes
  • ​Foreheads and frown lines
  • ​Smoker lines and marionettes
  • ​Cheeks and nasolabials
  • ​Loose skin on the jowl and neck area
  • ​Under arms
  • ​Hooded eyelids and under eyes
  • ​Chest

Also Treats:

  • Stretch marks and scarring
  • ​Pigmentation
  • ​Skin tags
  • ​Tattoo removal
  • ​Acne scarring
Learn from the best from our one-day course. You will learn everything that you need to start practicing right away.

The Course Covers:

  • Health and safety
  • ​Areas of treatment
  • ​Anatomy
  • ​Consultation
  • ​Contraindications
  • ​Aftercare
  • ​Practical training on real patients
  • ​Increase your income, build a profitable business that will allow to charge over $700 per hour making people happy.
  • ​One-day course where you will learn and receive everything that you need to start offering this procedure right away.
The course price is $2000.00, so sign up now!

Extensive Hands-On Medical Training

Sign Up Now! Tuition for our Plasma Fibroblast Training Course is $2,000 per student

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         (331) 305-5115


Contact Us


         (331) 305-5115


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